Charcoal Refining Masque

Charcoal Refining Masque


Detoxifies with rich, clarifying activated charcoal and moisturizes with hyaluronic acid.


Key Ingredients:

  • Aloe, wound healing and anti-inflammatory
  • Rooibos Tea, contains a superoxide dismutase, which slows down the development of wrinkles
  • Jojoba Oil, strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, ease the effects of eczema and rosacea
  • Yerba Mate Tea, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, reduces wrinkles protects against cancer
  • Vitamin E, strong antioxidant
  • Vitamin C, antioxidant, promotes collagen growth
  • Vitamin B3, lightens skin and increases circulation
  • Vitamin B5, firms, tightens and lightens skin
  • Pomegranate Oil, strong antioxidant to help fend off free radicals & helps unclog pores
  • Activated Charcoal, extracts toxins
  • Willow Bark, contains salicylic acid, promotes exfoliation

*For Skin Types & Conditions Normal to Oily*